Thursday, August 11, 2011

7 virtues: Patience

“Mine,” the big black dragon growled.

“I’ve already laid my eggs here.” The smaller one’s voice dripped with venom.

“I dug that nest last year; I’m not digging a new one. Move!”

“What’s the problem, madams?” Veetra ran to the fighting dragons.


“No, mine!”

The shapeshifter looked at the dragons; they would kill each other in a moment. She had to think fast.

“Oi, Diggory!” She called to the fellow shapeshifter who preferred the shape of a huge mole. “I have a job for you!”

The big black settled in her new nest without complaints. Veetra sighed. She’d kept them safe, for now.


  1. I'd say you've got patience AND diligence in here. Poor Veetra! She's run ragged!

  2. Interesting. What is Veetra's role, like a community housekeeper?

  3. "community housekeeper"

    Hah, that's one of her duties. She's one of the guardians of the black dragons. Each color has their own protectors.

    Dragons migrate to the north to lay their eggs and raise their young during the summer. Shapeshifters help the dragons with their youngs since the mothers still have to hunt. They also help solve conflicts.

    In return a few dragons stay in the north and protect the shapeshifters from monsters that come in the time of the long night.

    I'll write a post on northern shapeshifters and the dragons. It's a big part and interesting part of the world :)

  4. Forgot entirely to meantion Veetra is the grandmother of one of the main characters in my story.
    Said character is a quarter black dragon and I'm working on a story that tells how Veetra fell in love with one of the blacks.

  5. This story illustrates patience very well. Great work!

  6. Wow! I absolutely love your world! That is so fascinating pairing shape-shifters with dragons like that in the symbiotic relationship.
    I really love Veetra and how the 'weaker' creature in the relationship is the voice of reason.
    I also love the smaller dragon's voice dripping with venom because I can imagine that being both literal and metaphorical.