Monday, December 5, 2011

#DivineHell: Limbo

Lady Antimony continues to supply us with fun challenges. This week is all about Hell, burn, baby, burn! Unfortunately, I don't seem to be able to write seriously about Hell, death, or things of that nature. But I hope you like it anyway :)

“Welcome to Limbo, the first circle of Hell! I am Rowan, the Tour Guide of Hell,” a man in bright red and orange bellowed. “I’m sure you’re all excited to be here.”
Silence filled the room to the brim; a few of the damned ones shuffled their feet as they cast wary glances at each other.
“So glad to see so many happy faces.” The tour guide grabbed one of the damned by the shoulder. “You’re one of the lucky ones moving downwards. What’s your name and how did you end up here?”
“Edwin, I think I took a wrong turn…”
“Don’t they all, walk right off the straight and narrow.” He shoved Edwin towards the gaping black hole. Before it someone had placed two sticks supporting a low-lying pole. “Now go ahead, do the dance. I’ll see you down below when you’re through having fun!”


  1. Ah the Tour Guide of Hell... Very nice, sometimes, actually usually I find the good-humored villain the most compelling. If you don't pay attention to WHAT they say or do, then the way they go about it can make it seem benign.
    Or even just emphasizing the horror of a place by having someone get enthusiastically on-board as a coping mechanism.
    Oh, and love your seasonal dragon.
    Lots of things this one made me think of. Definitely liked it.

  2. I liked your take on the challenge! Excellent piece of flash fiction. :)

  3. Very nice Emilia. I liked the tour guide, rather upbeat considering his job description.

  4. Thank you all =)

    I got the idea for the Tour Guide from a Rowan Atkinson sketch (hence the guide's name) called A Warm Welcome.

  5. Fan-bloody-tastic! I love your reworking of Dante's idea - it's so funny!